Empower your sales and support teams

Ensure that your teams have easy access to product knowledge, wherever they are

“The Academy Knowledge Centre is driving behaviour change that is fundamental to our success within the new NHS – crucially that of empowerment. Empowering our staff to take responsibility for their own learning to ensure they have the right skills to add value to the NHS, our customers, and their patients.”

- Simon Clough, Managing Director at Daiichi Sankyo UK.

Meet the challenges of rapid growth

Rapid growth creates many challenges, not least how to share product information with teams in a timely and consistent manner, often with limited staff availability.

Knowledge Centre LMS allows blended courses made up of e-learning plus supporting resources such as videos and podcasts to help reduce time spent in the classroom.

Respond rapidly to market changes

Marketplaces are changing more rapidly than ever so you need to equip your teams with the skills and information they need to be the best and remain competitive.

The Knowledge Centre LMS’s searchable resource catalogue allows them to access critical product information be it a ‘bite-sized’ video or ‘how to’ document, exactly when they need it, from their tablet or smartphone.

Empower your teams

Use Knowledge Centre LMS to make product training and supporting resources widely available, helping to build more knowledgeable and flexible teams.

Sales and support staff can browse the course catalogue and select courses that fit their learning needs. Built-in discussions and links with social media tools encourage teams to collaborate and share experiences.

Monitor progress and popularity

The Knowledge Centre LMS’s powerful and flexible reporting capabilities enable managers to monitor the progress of staff as they develop their knowledge of your products and services.

Administrators can use the reports to recognise and promote popular courses and resources. Less popular content can also be identified and updated as required.

Share knowledge with your clients

Why limit access to important product and service knowledge to your internal teams? Your clients can benefit from that information as well.

Knowledge Centre LMS’s ‘multi-tenant’ features allow you to create branded ‘client’ areas whilst protecting ‘internal’ assets. Clients can self-register and be automatically assigned content based on products they use.

Empower your sales and support teams

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