Engage new joiners with your onboarding programme

Ensure new colleagues are welcomed and supported through the crucial onboarding phase

“The Knowledge Centre is pivotal to our onboarding process."

- Emma Knibbs, L&D Technologies Advisor

Provide access to pre-onboarding training

New colleagues are eager to know more about your organisation. The Knowledge Centre LMS provides them with access to welcome videos and FAQs before they join.

You can also offer key compliance training courses in advance and reduce the ‘time-to-competence’ once they’ve started.

Add a human touch

Providing induction online is more efficient, whilst maintaining a human touch to ensure it is engaging and welcoming. Include on-the-job mentoring milestones as part of the process which can be reviewed and signed-off along the way.

The Knowledge Centre LMS also offers face-to-face event booking and management, enabling you to deliver induction topics in whatever mode suits the subject.

Design blended role-based pathways

Knowledge Centre LMS allows you to design pathways based on new starters’ profiles. Blended courses can be assigned by location, role or however you want to classify your staff and induction topics.

The Knowledge Centre LMS gives you the freedom to blend e-learning modules, classroom sessions, surveys, videos, social sharing, supporting resources, informal reflection and mentoring, all from one learning portal.

Report on induction progress

See up-to-date progress reports as colleagues engage with your induction programme. Line managers can access full details of progress and scores all within a few clicks.

Reports can even be scheduled for automatic delivery to team or department managers who need to monitor progress with induction.

Encourage exploration and self-directed learning

Knowledge Centre LMS provides new colleagues with an efficient way to record ad hoc learning reflections in their ‘Learning Log’ and also capture workplace learning, such as competency checks and job-shadowing sessions.

A searchable ‘Resource Catalogue’ can also be populated with links to job aids like checklists, helpful videos and policy summary documents.

Engage new joiners with your onboarding programme

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