Conquer your compliance challenges

Pro-actively maintain high levels of compliance to achieve a competitive edge in highly regulated industries

“The Knowledge Centre ensures we’re compliant. We can physically see it and prove it from one central system.”

Blend your learning

Knowledge Centre LMS clients have been recognised as some of the best at meeting and exceeding compliance challenges, earning ‘Best compliance project’ awards and ‘Best e-learning project’ from the E-Learning Awards in 2014 and 2015

Document and approve offline activities

An emphasis on competence, not just box-ticking, is crucial for success. Competent compliance means focusing on behaviours, and doing the right thing – every time.

Knowledge Centre allows you to blend e-learning with practical activities or observations which a manager can sign-off online to confirm competence.

Automate renewals

Knowledge Centre LMS helps you manage a recurring schedule of mandatory training and cuts through the administrative load for which compliance training is renowned.

Expired training is automatically reassigned, with an email notification, and reports are updated without any administrator effort.

Generate actionable reports

Knowledge Centre LMS enables managers to quickly and easily see the regulatory ‘health’ of their organisation and to take immediate action.

See clearly who has completed and, critically, who still needs to complete. Create live compliance reports, by team or individual, with a red, amber, or green status.

Involve managers

Do you struggle to get colleagues to complete required training courses, only to be left with low completion rates?

The Knowledge Centre LMS empowers your managers with the reporting information they need to make an impact. Automatically email reports to managers weekly or monthly.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Generate post-course survey results, completion statistics, quiz scores and more with the Knowledge Centre LMS. Analyse the data and use the results to reinforce the positive messages to senior leaders, including return on investment figures.

Conquer your compliance challenges

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